Pest Control Solutions for:

• Bed Bugs
• Termites
• Carpenter Ants
• Pavement Ants
• Argentine Ants
• Odorous House Ants
• Brown Recluse Spiders
• Black Widows
• House Mice
• Fleas
• Roaches
• Wasps
• Japanese Beetles
• Mosquitoes
... and more!

Welcome to Ortex
Termite & Pest Control

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Choose ORTEX for a job done right the
first time. Whether you need our
termite & pest control service or your
home has suffered water damage,
termite damage, or structural damage,
you can call upon our professional
team of experts to make your house
a home again.

Family owned and operated since 1952,
our service area includes Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Southern Kentucky and South West Missouri.

Professional Home Repairs

• Termite & Structural Damage
• Foundation Repairs
• Floor Leveling
• Custom Drainage Systems
• Basement Waterproofing
• Crawl Space Waterproofing
... and more!

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